CBD Lion – 500mg Tincture

CBD Lion Tincture Edibles Magazine Review

I used this tincture after smoking THC. I followed the instructions that suggested using one dropper-full of the CBD oil under my tongue. Ladies and gentlemen, the Entourage effect is real. At least for me, the combination of THC and CBD make a formidable weapon against pain, spasticity, and anxiety. I held The dropper full of CBD under my tongue for about a minute. That is long enough to allow for the CBD to enter your sublingual capillaries and deliver the health benefits directly to your bloodstream.

CBD is actually an antidote to the psychoactive effects of THC. This is great for when I’m having a bad day. I tend to want to consume quite a bit of THC, but still have to continue to be productive. The CBD in this teacher allows me to stay focused on the tasks at hand, while alleviating distractions from my medical condition and the lethargy from being high on THC.

The tincture comes in a bottle that will feel very familiar to those of you who use products like this. The bottle contains all of the instructions you need to use this product efficiently. I think the logo is absolutely phenomenal. It would be difficult to mistake CBD Lion from any other tincture bottle. This is definitely a high-quality product. I highly recommend it.

Richard Bell

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