Smoke Cannabis To Burn Calories

The American Journal of Epidemiology has published an article which analyzes data from a survey of over 40,000 people, indicating that there may indeed be a connection between lower rates of obesity and smoking cannabis at least three times a week. The article states outright, “despite the evidence that cannabis use stimulates appetite in clinical trials and laboratory studies, cannabis users are actually less likely to be obese than non-users in the general population.”

To support this provocative discovery, the peer-reviewed journal Innovations in Clinical Neuroscience suggests that this may be due to the drugs and food competing to satisfy the hypothalamus, which is the “reward center” of the brain. Cannabis essentially provides the same relieving effects to this part of the brain as foods that are high in sugar and fat. Furthermore, cannabis has been medically proven to be beneficial to pain and inflammation relief, stress relief and sleep improvement, all of which are key factors to physical improvement.

Runner’s World has also published an article which provides the testimony of an ultramarathoner named Jeff Sperber of how cannabis has been integral in his post-recovery routine. He states that he uses cannabis as a preferred alternative to his prescription pain meds which take a toll on his liver. He says that with the painkillers, “I can’t do that stuff and function as a normal human being.” But with his prescribed medical marijuana, he states, “As a weed smoker, I can function.”

Doctors at the University of Mexico have published a study which connects sleep and relaxation to weight loss and fitness. They’ve found that high levels of the adrenal hormone called cortisol, which is caused by stress or lack of sleep can cause human fat to be deposited into the abdominal area, which contributes to obesity. The relaxing effects of cannabis obviously counteract the risk of obesity by lowering cortisol level, allowing users the sound sleep they need.

To top this off, fitness and nutrition specialist, Brandon Drenon, published an article in the New York Post which includes a set of instructions for weight loss through smoking cannabis. This may only be applicable to those who live in any of the four states where recreational marijuana is legal: Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington (as well as Washington D.C.).

  1. Empty your fridge and kitchen of all unhealthy foods
  2. Prepare a healthy dinner and dessert before you start smoking
  3. Smoke only at night just before dinner or two hours before bedtime
  4. Eat a filling dinner high in fiber and protein
  5. Have a large serving of fruits tossed in yogurt and granola for dessert
  6. Go to bed at your preferred time

This daily plan will ensure that your body is nourished with all of the healthy vitamins and nutrients it will need to perform at peak performance the next day. The fiber in your dinner will also curb your hunger in order to discourage snacking. Finally, the cannabis you have smoked before your dinner will ensure that you’ll have a refreshing night’s sleep. In conclusion, you’ll have improved your diet enough to ensure a more healthy physique, with a little helpful assistance from some green buds.

L.C. Squared
Staff Editor

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