Los Angeles Cannabis Task Force Update

Los Angeles Cannabis Task Force Update

The Los Angeles Cannabis Task Force: Fighting for A Fair, Open and Responsible Market in Los Angeles

Ruben Honig, Assistant Chair,
Los Angeles Cannabis Task Force

Los Angeles’ cannabis industry is a study in contrasts. While one of the largest consumer markets in the world, LA’s cannabis businesses are illegal or banned outright under local laws—creating a catch-22 that leaves businesses and patients in legal limbo. Add to this the fact that medical cannabis is legal under California state law, and the policy picture becomes even more complex.

Los Angeles’ cannabis laws are not aligned with the Medical Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act (MCRSA), a California state law that authorizes licensing across the industry, including cultivation, transportation, manufacturing, distribution, and lab testing.

The is why the Los Angeles Cannabis Task Force has been founded by LA based policy and legal experts, as well as patient advocates. The Task Force’s agenda is straightforward: to establish a safe, lawful, and responsible local licensing system that aligns with the business and license categories authorized by California state law.

Who is the Task Force?
The Task Force is made up of people with diverse backgrounds, both inside and outside the cannabis industry in Los Angeles. We include advocates, business owners, investors, patients, and activists.

To find out more and get involved visit our website:

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