Varavo is a company I have had the pleasure of working with since its official launch in September 2015. Varavo offers a full line of cannabis oils and cannabis infused chocolates. The Varavo line is simple and classic. They currently only offer Milk, Dark and White chocolate. They have not added any other fancy flavors or other additives, instead they went with the classics and they have done it well. Each of the flavors are offered in 50, 200 and 500mg (total package). Uniquely Varavo opted to offer ‘chocolate chunks’ instead of a traditional bar. Each chunk is individually wrapped in a childproof blister pack. Each piece of chocolate is stamped with the Varavo name and a proprietary cannabis emblem ensuring that there is never confusion or accidental consumption due to not knowing these are cannabis infused products. The chocolate is smooth and delicious. There is absolutely an underlying marijuana flavor, however, it is not at all offensive – it does not overpower the chocolate. Varavo has gone above and beyond with their packaging. Their packaging is clean and professional looking. It includes all pertinent information as well as some bonuses including a Braille warning label. The cannabis warning emblem is seen throughout the packaging from the outer box to the blister packaging and again on the actual product. They have also included a ‘dosage meter’ to intended to give patients a better understanding of how much THC is in each dose, as well as how long to wait for the onset of effects. These products and packaging were clearly designed and created with the patients in mind. The chocolates are potent and consistent. Each time I have tried Varavo’s chocolates I have had the same high with the same onset. The high is mellow, I have both a head and body high, but never feel couch-locked after consuming a Varavo chocolate chunk. Additionally, I happen to know that Varavo’s White Chocolate Chunks are our Editor-in-Chief’s favorite white chocolate product on the market. Mostly white chocolate edibles taste horrible because it is difficult to mask the cannabis flavor, not Varavo’s!

Varavo also offers Sativa and Indica disposable cartridges. Each strain is offered in 350 and 700mg. The company also offers a vape pen and cartridge with the logo printed on the end. The pen and cartridges are both black allowing for a seamless and sharp looking vaporizer. The oil is the perfect honey color. They do not add any additives, there is no glycol or glycerin, just a cartridge filled with quality cannabis oil. The oil tastes clean and has a nice flavor. Admittedly, I am not really a vape-er, I would much prefer some good flower any day, but I really like Varavo’s vapes. The indica gave me a really great body high and I only needed a couple of puffs right before bed for a restful night sleep!

Both Varavo’s chocolates and vaporizers are award-winning, without a doubt they earned those titles due to their exceptional and superior products. For more information about Varavo please go to: www.Varavo.com

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