Requirements for Los Angeles Cannabis Non-Retailers Looking to Get Licensed

If you’re a edible company, a vape company, extract company, distribution company, or anything but a dispensary or delivery service, the follow list are the requirements and hoops to jump through to try to get licensed for cannabis production in the city of LA.

• The Business Premises meets all of the land use and sensitive use requirements of the zoning laws

• No fire or life safety violations on the Business Premises

• Engaged prior to January 1, 2016 in the same non-retailer commercial cannabis activity that the operator now seeks licensure for

• Passes a pre-license inspection

• Qualifies under the social equity program

• Proof that the operator was a supplier to an existing medical marijuana dispensary prior to January 1, 2017

• Paid all outstanding City business tax obligations

• Indemnifies the City from any potential liability on a form approved by the Department of Cannabis Regulation (DCR)

• Provides a written agreement with a testing lab for testing of all cannabis and cannabis products and attests to testing of all of its cannabis and cannabis products in accordance with state standards

• Attests that it will cease all operations if denied a state or city license

• Is not engaged in retail commercial cannabis activity at its location

• Attests that it will comply with all operating requirements imposed by DCR and that DCR may immediately suspend or revoke the Temporary Approval if the Applicant fails to abide by any City operating requirement

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