Issue 44 Letter From the Editor

Issue 44 Letter From the Editor

Greetings my friends,

This month is our “Technology Issue” and we’ve got Root Sciences featured as our cover story to help celebrate the future of cannabis concentrates: Distillate! We got into the extra super scientific details with the minds behind Root Sciences’ tech to learn everything we could about the short path distillation process and what it means to modern medical cannabis and edibles. We went to the Las Vegas Nightclub and Bar Expo, as this is the first year that they’ve also included cannabis. The Canna-Community presence at the expo was small but mighty and we made some great new friends. Edibles CEO and founder, B. Le Grand, moderated the “Infusion without Confusion” panel and was able to bring infused education to the heart of Sin City. It was probably the best time we’ve ever had in Las Vegas and are excited to go back soon.

4/20 is coming soon and our events guide is full of fun things to plan on doing, but be careful. The new laws are confusing and some events have already been shut down or moved so please use the websites and social media to stay up-to-date on exactly what’s happening and where. Speaking of 4/20, it seems most, or at least a lot of people know the origin story behind 420 (we printed it last year.) The “Waldos” at San Rafael High School in the 1970s and their after class smoke breaks.. But what about the other 420s out there? We’ve assembled 7 Other Significant 420 coincidences and ironies to help you have something new to talk about next time you toke up at that time of the day.

Last month we published an obituary for iO West, the beloved Hollywood improv comedy theater was closed suddenly and it was sad news. Now, Meltdown Comics and Collectibles on Sunset Blvd, Home of the NerdMelt Theater, has also been closed and just as suddenly (also just as sad.) Meltdown was one of the 1st places I went when I moved to Los Angeles back in the Summer of 2006 and in 2013 it was where I finally wound up meeting Adam West. The dearly departed Gian Molina and I used to perform with ComicBook LIVE and Drunkards and Dragons on the stage in the back. DJ Reid 420 and I would go there for FREE Comic Book Day and it’s where I helped Chris Gore film a live/streaming telethon to help save Film Threat magazine. I watched Kevin Eastman and Mark Bode spray paint a graffiti mural of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on the roof of the store in the alleyway and we smoked weed and drank beer the whole time. It was my comic book store and I’ll miss it.

This issue marks the beginning of a new section of Edibles List Magazine – The Games Section! We’re starting off with a special crossword puzzle. The answers will be available online or you can also find them printed in the next issue, so good luck.

As always, smile at your budtender, tip your delivery driver, and know your dose.

“Truth is not obliged to stick to the possibilities.”

Patrick Ian Moore
Editor in Chief

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