Medible Feature: Remedy Plus Gummies

Man, was it like Christmas Day when I walked into the Edibles List office to find a bag of Remedy Plus edibles sitting on my desk. The folks at Remedy were extremely gracious and gave us close to fifteen different options to review. However, my only problem – which one do I pick?! As much as I would have loved to evaluate all fifteen options, I went the adult route and picked three; because well, I had to be coherent enough to write this. Instead of specifically choosing the products I thought it would be much more interesting to pick them blindly out of the bag. I pulled out a package of Gummi Buddies, OG Peach Rings and the new Adios Muddasuckas.

In a market saturated by gummy vendors, Remedy has managed to set themselves apart from the competition. The gold opaque packaging is eye-catching, and for those of us who have “shiny ball syndrome” it is too enticing to walk away from… Well-played Remedy, well-played.

The Gummi Buddies are precisely what you may think they are, gummy bears with a kick. They seemed to be rolled in sugar after they are sprayed with CO2 oil. I don’t hate this, I love me some sugar! Remedy only uses CO2, as providing safe products to consumers is their top priority and they do not believe in using butane in their products. The specific package I was given contained a total of 150mg split between 15 gummies – 10mg per gummy is the perfect starter dose! Please note: Remedy does offer 300mg packages as well and are coming out with a CBD line shortly. Out of all of my choices these covered the taste of the pot the best, I think rolling them around in granulated sugar may have helped.

The second package I opened was the 150mg OG Peach Rings, which only contains 7 pieces, approximately 21mg each. I am actually super stoked on this choice of mine as I used to live off of Peach-O’s in high school! Can you say YUM?! These are delicious and absolutely take me right back to my teens. The CO2 taste is not as not noticeable in this edible as in some of the others. I ate two of these and was feeling really good.

Last but not least, the Adios Muddasuckas. PS Remedy, I started uncontrollably laughing about the name – points for originality! These mango chili lollipops are good, but I would like to have seen more spiciness to it. I love Mexican candies and being from SoCal, I know Mexican candies! I think some more chili and a pinch of lime would do the trick for spicy lovers like me. You can taste the cannabis quite a bit, but flavors of the sucker mix well with it. The mango part is spot on! These were more potent than my other choices; with a total of 100mg in the package and only three lollies, these weigh in at about 33mg each. All around I like this new edible of yours Remedy, and I look forward to see what new south of the border candies you come out with!

All in all, Remedy Plus provides quality edibles, with great flavors, and a clean high. In total I consumed 60mg between all three of my choices and I did not feel too high to function. As I previously mentioned I really dig the idea of a south of the border product line and can’t wait to see what comes next!

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