Talking Topicals with Gar

Talking Topicals with Gar

Dear Gar, I have Degenerative Disc disease and recently obtained a medical recommendation. I don’t smoke and intend to try edibles soon but I was told by a friend that I should also try topicals. I checked at the local dispensary and there were several choices. How do I know which one to get and how to best use it? My friend said I should e-mail you for answers, hope you can help. Thanks, Jeanne C., Santa Rosa, CA

Hi Jeanne, Studies have shown that Degenerative Disc disease responds very well to a strong infused cream applied where needed for pain during the day with a high THC oil applied before bed, in place of cream. In many cases a cream will give much faster relief due to penetrating agents it contains. Oils penetrate the skin more slowly while you sleep for deeper healing, and can make mornings better. If the pain level is high, be sure both the cream & oil are the strongest that you can obtain. If your dispensary doesn’t carry what you need, ask them for a stronger product. Topical pain relief is 100% fact.

Hello Gar, I am a senior and use various infused edibles on a regular basis with great success. While I was picking up my weekly medicine, the young man at the dispensary told me I should add topicals to my purchases. He said it would be good for my pains here & there, and it would be good for my body. What do you think? Lucy S., Denver, CO

Hi Lucy, The young man at the dispensary was probably your budtender, and was very knowledgeable. The edible that you are currently using supplies your body’s CB-1 system with cannabinoids, but only topicals affect the body’s CB-2 system. By using both edibles and topicals, you are nourishing the body’s entire cannabinoid system. Try massaging an infused cream on bruised, painful or inflamed areas for added relief.

Dear Gar, I played football for years and then became a floor man. Needless to say, I get a lot of knee pain. Do you know of any topical product that I can get to help? It has to be something I can use at work. Paul G., Sacramento, CA

Hi Paul, Try a strong topical in a stick form. The stick can be carried in your pocket, ready for use as needed. The beeswax often used in topical sticks will cause the medicine to better stay where you apply it.

Gar Souders has over a decade of research into the effects & formulations of cannabis infused topicals. He is the Founder of CannaTopics and is a member of several Pro Cannabis organizations.

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