Jenell Dominique Veteran in Cannabis

My name is Jenell Dominique and I was enlisted in the USMC. The reason I enlisted was because I wanted to travel and to serve the country I was born and raised in. I wanted to make an impact as well as experience other cultures. My grandfather, father, uncles, and even some cousins served too. I accomplished those missions because to date I have been to over a dozen countries including Japan, Germany, and West Africa. During my 5 years while serving in the military I was a 0621, which is a field radio operator, and then I did a lateral move to do Embassy Duty.

I personally am a daily consumer of cannabis, and it helps me tremendously. I suffer from PTSD, and it helps me sleep, gives me mental clarity to accomplish my goals, and it soothes me when I experience flashbacks from military trauma. Because I use cannabis, and I’m not in a compassionate state I’m concerned about losing my job, financial aid, hell even my freedom!

From the VA I have been prescribed everything from sleep medication to depression meds, all of which made me feel sedated. It felt like I couldn’t function to my full potential or desire. Cannabis has helped me with that. I have excelled in school and recently graduated with a 3.78 with my daily consumption. In the back of my mind there is still always a sense of major concern due to the laws. I wish the VA could prescribe it to me instead of meds that lower my quality of life and level of function.

To all of the naysayers I would say that I used to be one myself. I believed the lies the media and the world told me. It wasn’t until I suffered from panic attacks and insomnia that I tried cannabis and I was blown away. Cannabis is not a drug and it definitely shouldn’t be classified with them. It gave me my life back and my happiness. I would say before you judge something you don’t know…find out for yourself.

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