5 Facts to Know about Cannabis


Are you a long time burner looking to educate yourself as much as you can on cannabis? Have you ever wondered how cannabis works and why people enjoy consuming it so much?

People are asking the question, why has cannabis become so popular? Cannabis is now legal in many countries and many states and is fast becoming more readily available as time goes by. Cannabis can be used for both medicinal and recreational purposes, so the answer to this question lies in their own personal needs and beliefs about the plant. 

There are many misconceptions about cannabis, but there are also many things that people don’t know about it. It has been demonized globally, even though it can help with so many different things. If you want to learn more about this plant, here are 5 facts about cannabis. 

The Consumption Method Effects Experience   

Cannabis is something that has been around for a very long time. Centuries even. However, because it has only recently been legalized for recreational use in a few places around the world, there are quite a few things that people don’t know about the cannabis plant or the consumption of marijuana. 

One of the first things that people should know when it comes to cannabis consumption is that each method of consumption offers something slightly different to the consumer. You cannot expect to have the same effect from each of the different methods, but you can learn how each method works and what kind of experience different devices offer at online head shops like DankStop. For example, when it comes to inhalation methods, you will typically feel the effects within a few minutes, and they will last for a couple of hours. On the other hand, the effects of an edible will take up to an hour to kick in and can last for up to 8 hours, if not longer. However, newer consumption methods such as dry herb vaporizers allow you to customize your experience with temperature control settings. 

There Are Many Different Strains  

If you are someone new to cannabis, something you may not know is that there is not just one kind of weed that is a one size fits all kind of situation. There are multiple different strains of cannabis for one to choose from. Some are higher in THC while others are higher in CBD. Terpenes,

You should choose the strain depending on the kind of effects that you want to have. The two most common strains of weed that you will come across are indica and sativa. People often think that there is just one type of cannabis plant but there are so many different variations that it can be hard to keep track of all of them. 

Cannabis Has Been Used for A Long Time  

For many people, marijuana is a newer addition to the world and something that has only become popularized in recent years. While yes, this is true because it has been considered an illegal drug for so many years, it has been around for a lot longer than one might think. 

Cannabis has been around for centuries and was used medicinally to help treat many different problems. It was also consumed as tea and even smoked long before most people might think. 

There Are Many Names for Cannabis  

A fun fact that you might not know about cannabis is that there are plenty of different names that it is referred to. This can be dependent on the culture, the country, or even just what people want to call it. 

Cannabis, AKA: Marijuana is commonly referred to as weed but is also known as a hash, hemp, keef, ganja, dope, grass, pot, tea, reefer, dank, skunk, bud and so many more different names

Overdosing On Cannabis is Impossible     

Last but not least, a big concern when it comes to the legalization of marijuana was whether people would start overdosing on it, as they might do with other drugs. One of the best things about cannabis consumption is that it’s physically impossible to overdose on it. 

While if you do consume too much of it you may experience things that may be uncomfortable and not so nice, you won’t get physically ill, nor will you die from consuming too much marijuana. 

You will most likely feel uncomfortable, excessively tired, and feel slightly agitated.

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