Planet 13 Vegas Superstore

It’s like nothing you’ve ever seen. A true cannabis superstore. You’re greeted upon entry with the calming sounds of flowing water over their giant planet sculpture sign. After checking in with your ID there’s a large cafe to your left where you can grab a coffee or a pizza and just chill. They even hold industry events there for networking or afterparties during conferences.

The dispensary itself is massive with cases of product on display everywhere. It looks like there’s at least 30 budtenders on duty and probably 300 people working onsite. Whatever you’re looking for, you will find at Planet 13. Many familiar brands from other states are launched and available in Nevada.

At Planet 13 they manufacture concentrates and edibles and have a commercial kitchen along with a display production line. They plan to incorporate a Vegas style robot show where the robots making cannabis infused beverages start fighting with each other, duke it out, offer each other a truce with a THC beverage and then go back to work.

In their home line of products, they make Dreamland Chocolates, HaHa Gummies and Elysium Beverages.

There’s a custom Volks Wagon bus with a giant joint on it’s rooftop that you can get into and take the perfect Instagram picture, stepping out with clouds of (fake) smoke around you and your posse.

If you’re local in Las Vegas and have a private residence to deliver to, Planet 13 will bring your

order to you.

They really designed the space to be memorable and in line with the Vegas style of wow-ing their visitors.

If you’re just there to look and be wow-ed, that’s okay too, there’s non-infused souvenirs like Planet 13 hats and t-shirts.

Coming soon to Planet 13’s portfolio of “Wows” is a partnership installation of Cannabition, which is a hemp museum moving into Planet 13.

They also hope to launch a social club in the near future, for consumption, when the laws allow and the moratorium for social lounge licenses in Vegas is up.

It’s a truly impressive operation and build. When you’re there it’s hard not to think, “This is the model for the Walmart of Cannabis.” But without the cheap preconception because everything they carry is top notch, high quality products.

In the beginning of legalization, Nevada’s system was criticized for being too strict on their laws, but compared to what California’s done Nevada is light years ahead and the taxes there make sense.

Watch out California, because Planet 13 is opening a superstore in Orange County in the way of their Vegas stylings and it’s going to become the Southern California go-to cannabis tourist destination.

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