Topical Review: Nature Nurse Topicals

I couldn’t wait to try the Nature Nurse Blossom Bar, simply based on the fact that an actual nurse made the product I was testing. I felt confident that America’s most trusted profession wouldn’t let me down and it definitely didn’t. The packaging is absolutely going to be distinctive and I can already see this turning into a trustworthy brand. I thought it was medicated deodorant when I first grabbed the Blossom Bar, but after carefully reading the label I realized it was a topical that you can put wherever you have aches or pains. The first place I tried it was on the bottom of my feet because I had been on them all day filming, and it seemed to work relaxing my entire body and relieving the burning sensation I was having.

I absolutely love how simple it is to apply the topical. I didn’t have to stick my hand in a jar or tube, rub it together and then apply. All I had to do was take the top off, wind the bottom, and apply more. It was so effortless and I really appreciated that. The scent is faint, and can easily be worn by itself or underneath your favorite fragrance. Apply anytime anywhere, and voila…bye bye pain. Of course there are many topical products to choose from, but if you want one that is made with an extra dose of love then try Nature Nurse today.

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