Edibles Review: Drip Ice Cream

Recently while visiting the beautiful area of Portland, Oregon we met with the makers of Drip Ice Cream. The handmade, pure, organic, infused ice cream that is taking the Pacific Northwest ice cream lovers to a blissfully chilly new nirvana. Drip Ice Cream has homespun, heartfelt thought put into each cup with every item procured directly from the source. Farmers, dairies, beekeepers, and other natural and organic purveyors is what Drip Ice Cream gathers together to make an incredible, infused frozen treat. When ice cream melts it drips, and that’s exactly where Drip Ice Cream gets it’s name!

The flavors I was delighted to try were Salted Caramel and Lemon Zest, which is a vegan version. The creamy texture of the vanilla was wonderful and the handmade salted caramel is one of the best I’ve ever had. This was infused for the cup at 15 mg and it was labeled in 5 mg increments. You could taste the care in the making of this fine dessert and I was excited to taste the vegan Lemon Zest. The list of ingredients for this frosty vegan treat are: coconut milk, coconut cream, agave nectar, lemon juice, vanilla paste, cannabis extract, vanilla extract, lemon zest, salt, and guar gum. The Salted Caramel contents are: milk, cream, sugar, dairy blend (whey, milk protein, fat free dry milk), unbleached flour, palm oil, cannabis extract, vanilla extract, cocoa, and chocolate. They also have 75 mg cup sizes and I’m looking forward to trying the Cookies and Cream, and the Honey Lavender flavors in the future.

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