Mystery Baking Co. 100mg Big Cookies Double Chocolate-Chip & Snickerdoodle

Edibles List Review Mystery Baking Double Chocolate Chip Cookie

If you’re like me, you like to start your day, EVERY day, with a morning spark up. I dunno, something about that feeling of dank smoke filling my lungs is better than a strong cup of coffee. However, this doesn’t always bode well with some folks. Your boss will be the first one to tell you how loud your clothes and hair are and, even if he’s “cool”, will probably send you home for the day. Thankfully, the nice people from the MYSTERY BAKING COMPANY have an elegant solution for those of us who need to get right before the day begins. Their 100MG BIG COOKIE is a perfect morning edible that is as delicious as it is euphoric. I had both the Double Chocolate-Chip and Snickerdoodles. These edibles even pair up well with a cup of coffee!

This cookie is BIG so take your dosage according to your own tolerance, quarters are what I’d recommend. I am a daily smoker so my tolerance is pretty high, but this big cookie was enough to get me in that good, good place. And the best part was, I was still able to conduct my day-to-day activities without any hints of paranoia or other forms of bad tripping. No judgement from the squares cuz they couldn’t smell smoke on my clothes, just a nice, mellow day getting my shit done.

MYSTERY BAKING COMPANY has a winner here with their BIG COOKIE. It’s a great edible for anyone, from seldom-smokers to hardcore blazers. If you happen to come across these treats at your dispensary, I highly recommend them.

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Melvin Nuggeez

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