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Rare Extracts is one of the first Oklahoma concentrate companies that I got to know and they remain one of my favorites to this day. The Grape Diamonds I tried are probably the best tasting thing I’ve dabbed since I don’t know how long, maybe ever. They’re butane extracted, live resin diamonds with the Grape terpenes reintroduced creating a very strain specific dabbing experience. Live resin is cannabis concentrate that gets its name from the freshness of the cannabis plant from which it’s made. Rare Extracts products are extracted using the live resin process, flash-freezing the cannabis plant material, then extracting it to create BHO (butane hash oil). The small, dark yellow crystals are 68.58% THC, 71.65% THCA, and 7.38% Terpenes. 

This is truly a deciously head changing experience. Sometimes when concentrate gets too strong, a single dab can feel overwhelming while other times the actual product hits much too rough for most people causing coughing fits. Not so with the Rare Extracts diamonds, They get you very high without being so overpowering as to make it unenjoyable and hit in a smooth and tasty way that results in zero to minimal coughing, depending on your tolerance. Grape Diamonds is a Sativa dominant hybrid of Skunk Berry crossed with Mandarin Sunset. It’s both energizing and relaxing. All in all, I cannot recommend Rare Extracts enough, They were even the 1st Place “Best Concentrate” winners in the 5th Annual Best of Edibles List Awards. 

You can see more of them on their Instagram at @RARExtracts. 

By Johnny Knowledge

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