Ask Dr. Mike: Smoking Cannabis

Dr. Mike Smoking Cannabis

Q: Can smoking cannabis cause cancer?

A: A 2017 report from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicines found that smoking cannabis does NOT increase the risk for cancers associated with tobacco use such as lung, neck and mouth cancer. This does not mean that smoking cannabis does not cause cancer at all. It just means doctors have not found a connection between smoking cannabis and cancer.

Q: Can vaporizing concentrates cause cancer?

A: Compared to smoking herb these products are still in their infancy. So doctors really don’t know if these products will cause cancer or not. If you are concerned about your health stay away from any product that contains pesticide, solvent or is cut with any bullshit like propylene glycol or MCT oil. Make sure you trust who you are buying from.

Q: Can smoking cannabis cause respiratory problems?

A: Yes, smoking cannabis regularly has been associated with chronic bronchitis, phlegm, and chronic cough. These issues are a problem for some daily users and often subside if /when cannabis smoking is cut back.

Q: Is it safer to smoke or vaporize cannabis?

A: Generally speaking vaporizing cannabis is thought to be a healthier alternative to smoking. When you smoke pot you inhale hot smoke particles and over 2000 chemicals that are created from burning it. True vaporization heats up the cannabis oil just hot enough to turn the extract into a vapor that you inhale. Vaping should be much smoother on the lungs and contain a fraction of the number of chemicals compared to smoking.

Q: Why does vaporizing make a cloud when I puff it?

A: Most vaporization is done at really high temperatures. You are most likely combusting a concentrate when you actually think you are vaping it. Vape pens and dab rigs heat up cannabis oil hot enough that you are pretty much smoking it, thats why you see clouds.

Q: What do Doctors say about smoking and/OR

A: No Doctor thinks inhaling smoke or vapor is a healthy form of taking medicine. They would advise you to choose the lesser of two evils, most likely vaporizing. However, if it takes you 20 hits of a vape pen to get the effect of one hit from a bong is it really healthier? By far the healthiest way to consume cannabis is eating or drinking it. You just gotta be careful because it’s easy to overdue edibles, start low dose and go slow!

Q: Bongs, blunts, bowls, joints?

A: Water Bongs are the smoothest, they use water to cool and filter out some of the smoke particles. Bowls are the second healthiest option for smoking cannabis. Make sure to clean your bong and bowl regularly so you aren’t smoking up nasty tar. Joints are a great option for social smoking and tasting the bud, but you have to smoke the cigarette paper with it. Blunts are the worst thing you can smoke, I know people love them but c’mon you might as well be smoking some cigs.

Q: Should I hold my hit?

A: It has been proven that 95% of THC is absorbed in the first couple seconds of inhalation. After a couple seconds your lungs are only absorbing smoke and tar, the bad stuff. Don’t get peer pressured to hold your hits in longer that’s just dumb. If you really want to get as high as a space cadet inhale deeper breaths. This way you are inhaling way more THC. Deeper not longer.

Dr. Michael Heller, infusemjwooly

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