Edibles Review: Grandma’s Goodies Caramels & Ginger Snaps

A caramel is a caramel is a caramel right….that’s what I thought at first. Then I tried Granny B Goods Caramels, and I could tell they were trying to separate themselves from the rest. The smoothness of caramel could be felt initially when you put it into your mouth and then all of the sudden this smoky nut flavor invades your space. It travels up your nose and down your throat simultaneously. I squished it between my tongue and the top of my mouth and felt this bumpy texture that made me immediately grab the box to read the ingredients. When I see that they have walnuts in it, I relax and enjoy the remainder of this experience. The packaging is incredible, they include the 150 mg lab results, and it’s convenient to enjoy on the go. Please avoid if you have a nut (walnut) allergy, but all others, definitely grab a box near you.

Granny B Goods Cannabis Ginger cookies taste just like you can pick them up at your local grocery right now. They are great microdose options that you can take anywhere you go. Each morsel is around 10 mg apiece made with GLUTEN-FREE organic flour, so almost everyone can enjoy. They are made with cannabis oil extract so the potency is there. The packaging had subtle hints of cannabis, so I would definitely put this in my cabinet at home. What I also loved about the company is that they give 10% of their profits would go to support local charities. At a time when compassion is needed most this is a great gesture with an amazing product that we should support. Tell your local dispensary to get them today.


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