RosHASHanah High HoliDAZE Special with Mitzva Herbal

roshhashshanna kosher cannabis special

Edibles List hosted the first ever Ros-HASH-anah High HoliDaze Special in the studio with kosher edibles maker Mitzva Herbal Company and me, actress/writer/producer Rakefet Abergel. We covered the meaning of Rosh Hashanah, one of the most holy days of the Jewish calendar. In Hebrew, rosh means “head” and shanah means “year” indicating the Jewish New Year; a time of reflection and celebration that culminates with Yom Kippur, the Jewish Day of Atonement. Together the two holidays comprise the High Holy Days. And in this case, “high” has a double meaning! We played a game called “Kosher?” where host Patrick Ian Moore had to guess which animals were kosher to eat and which weren’t. We learned that cute adorable little bunnies are NOT kosher, but chickens, even while wearing sweaters, are! And Patrick even had the right answer to a trick question about caviar, guessing that it would depend on what kind of fish the eggs were from. Alex Klein of Mitzva Herbal blew the Shofar for us; a ram’s horn that Jews sound to call people to prayer. Trippy, right?

As usual, Shifra Klein’s delicious edibles were a hit. Micro-dosed for safety at just 10mg of THC per item, there is never a trace of that telltale cannabis taste, leaving only delicious melt in your mouth goodness. My favorite was the brownie I designed for them called the Bomb Ass Bamba Brownie made with a chocolate brownie, peanut butter cream, and crushed Bamba, a popular Israeli peanut crisp snack. Fun fact: Israeli children don’t generally develop peanut allergies and scientists have attributed that fact to the popularity of Bamba with small children, because exposure at a young age is key to protecting against the sensitivity. Check out the Edibles List Facebook page to watch the broadcast and grab your favorite medicated treat while you enjoy conversation about Superbad, Adam Sandler, and how much we love Kathy Bates despite the disappointing choice to be a part of Netflix’s Disjointed. A follow up “Don’t Mess with the Zohan” movie night is in the works which will undoubtedly include some amazing medicated hummus.

For more info on Mitzva Herbal Company, visit their website at www.MitzvaHerbal.com and for a scary treat, grab a brownie and check out the trailer for my new film at www.JaxInLove.com. Stay Chai! To life! L’chaim!

Rakafet Abergel

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