SUNNI DAZE EDIBLES Medicated Pies & Mini Pies – 35mg & 100mg

sunni daze edibles

Sunni Daze Edibles offers a line of medicated pies that are available in Key Lime, Chocolate Silk, Banana Cream, and Fluffernutter flavors. Their pies come in minis as well and are made by a professional baker with nearly a decade of experience in the cannabis industry. The medicated pies are infused with a cold water hash infusion and come in both 35mg and 100mg options. Sunni Daze Edibles is run by a professional baker, they want their product to feel tailor made for each individual. There is a flavor for everyone. Our favorites were the Key Lime and Fluffernutter pies. The cannabis taste is not overpowering, and the consistency of the pies are just as they mentioned fluffy and delicious, but not too sweet. Straying away from the norm of cookies and brownies, Sunni Daze Edibles leaves a taste in your mouth that you will surely remember.

“That is a huge factor for me, if it doesn’t taste good I don’t want to eat it. I also feel that the dosage I have allotted for the pies at 35mg or 100mg is strong enough for an experienced cannabis consumer as well as a good entry level for a first time user. I chose pies because I felt that I had never seen it done before. I love key lime pie, it’s a nostalgic dessert for me and I really like making it too. Why not make it medicated? Twice as nice!,” said the creator of Sunni Daze Edibles.

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