Edible Review: BakedSmart Sconed Toasted Toffee

Edible Review: BakedSmart Sconed Toasted Toffee

BakedSmart – Sconed Toasted Toffee

Raise your hand if you love caramel? Well if you do then you will thoroughly enjoy this new BakedSmart product called Toasted Toffee. I must admit that growing up I preferred caramel to toffee any day, but when I googled what toffee was I realized it was just caramel with butter added to it. My more refined mature palate really enjoyed the buttery taste of the BakedSmart Toffee Treat this time around, and I found myself crushing the first piece and immediately going back in for another piece just to make sure that I enjoyed it as much as I thought I did. The second time was even better than the first.

It wasn’t until I ate the second bite, that I really started to pay attention to the label and get an understanding of what I was eating. It’s a “buttery rich toffee topped with chocolate and pecans.” I really can’t speak for the pecan taste, and the chocolate melts almost as fast as it hits your palate, but the toffee is EVERYTHING. The entire bag is only 15mg, so I felt zero hesitation in eating at least two more pieces out of the bag before I really put it away. I flipped the package over and appreciate the fact that this is lab tested and there is a date and registry of each batch made. That is highly reassuring in an industry where this is not mandatory in all states. Its up to the discretion of the producer, and not a lot of manufacturers have made this bold move yet. The one downside to the toffee treat is all the added preservatives. The outside package says that this product was made with love, and judging by the taste I believe that’s true.

This is a special treat that you can eat on the go or take out to impress your guest. Either way just try it!

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