Edible Review: Cali Gold Chocolate Bars

Edible Review: Cali Gold Chocolate Bars

Cali Gold Chocolate

Cali Gold CBD Bar
Sampling new Cali Gold products is always a pleasure and their new 125 mg cannabis infused chocolate bars made up primarily of CBD did not disappoint. As a person who suffers from chronic pain and PTSD, I appreciate the power of CBD and the health benefits you experience when you take it. The 22 to 1 ratio of CBD to THC ensures that I get the maximum relief this decadent chocolate square has to offer. This is awesome for individuals who don’t want to feel the psychoactive effects of THC, and this would be ideal for people like children or the elderly.

On the back of the bar, I appreciate just how much CBD was put into this bar, and the ingredients were easy to identify which was a plus as well. When you open the chocolate it is separated into five pre-cut pieces for easy dosing. The chocolate is dark, rich, and decadent. The first bite is smooth and creamy, but it melts slowly so that you can enjoy the flavor. After I tasted it, I thought to myself, that it would go so well on top of a warm brownie with cold vanilla ice cream as the chocolate sprinkle.

It tells you on the package that it is lab tested, and the strain that they used to infuse the chocolate. These branding strategies works toward building a brand that consumers can trust, and it creates a situation where everyone wins in the end. 70 percent cacao in a chocolate bar is a lot for me and the taste was more for the chocolate connoisseur who could appreciate the art in this goody. If you are a chocolate lover, and are in search for the perfect CBD delight then Cali Gold cannabis infused chocolate is for you. Make sure you give it a try and let me know what you think after.

Cali Gold Semi Dark Chocolate Bar
Cali Gold semi dark chocolate bar is the latest 125mg adult dessert making people lick their fingers. This chocolate bar is made of 53 percent cacao so it reminds me of an upscale Hershey bar that you buy at the counter of any store you’ve ever been to. I enjoyed the flavor of the chocolate and accidentally ate the entire bar before I read the instructions to start with a half on the back. All it did was cause me to get a peaceful nights rest ready to tackle the next day. The chocolate was much lighter than the 70% cacao bar that they also offer, but either way if you’re a chocolate person you will love equally the same.

Not only did Cali Gold test their product at Steep Hill Labs, but also they were kind enough to share with us how much terpenoids and cannabinoids on average were found in each package. As consumers become more and more educated on flavor profiles, this will set Cali Gold apart as an information trend setter. Its like the more I learned about the product the more I like it. To know I had CBG and limonene in my chocolate made me seriously take another bite. I seriously slept so good that night guys!

I have always been a fan of Sour Diesel, so using that strain to infuse this chocolate helped me enjoy it even more. I remember eating this semi-dark chocolate bar and thinking to myself, “I can’t believe this is my job.” Chocolate will continue to evolve in this new industry and space, but Cali Gold is definitely working with a winning cannabis product with their 125mg semi-dark chocolate bar.

If you want to find out more about the different chocolates and other items to choose by Cali Gold go to www.caligoldbars.com .

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