Edible Review: Bakeons

Ok, so this is one medicated product that really took me a minute to wrap my head around. I am into healthy alternatives (which is why I use cannabis in the first place), but I had no idea what to do with these Bakeons Bakeony medicated coconut flakes. Do you sprinkle them on other products? Do you eat them alone? What are the benefits? Then I just decided to pour them in my mouth and see what magic happened next. They almost remind you of a healthy chip or nut with the crunchy consistency, but toward the end of the bite the familiar texture of coconut meat begins creeping in. Let’s just cut to the chase and say that they taste amazing. They have this smoky flavor that set them apart from any of the traditional coconut flakes you find in the grocery store.

The fact that this is made with sativa strains lets me use an edible during the day that will not have me too medicated and unproductive. I have managed to put these in everything just to see what favorites they compliment and I have used this for ice cream, cake, pie, and even on top of my breakfast cereal. This product is vegan, gluten-free, allergen conscious, and organic. All winning qualities in my opinion. Seriously, we’ve been asking for healthier alternatives and the producers have been listening, so lets support Bakeons by going to madeinpotland.com today.

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