Edible Review: Kushy Punch

For a refreshing tasty chewy treat Kushy Punch can delivery. As an edible I know Kushy has been around for just a couple of years building a nice following. I first tasted it at a Kush Expo at least two years ago and recall the packaging needed some assistance. But now at this time I can share that the Punch of milligrams and the Kushy packaging are at the top of edible refinement. They have strain specific gummy formulas of Indica, Sativa and Hybrid in 100mgs and a T.K.O. version of 200mg. With a pre marked packaging of 25mg on the inside of the box, you feel that Kushy Punch is bringing responsible edible standards to the consumers. They hand make each batch and extract through a 3-step oil filtering process for maximum purity. The taste is fruity, fun and an easy chew and not a teeth sticky consistence that I’ve found with other gummy type products. Go out and try for a nice infused experience, as it came on mellow and a balanced delivery. Kushy Punch enjoy and taste the Kushy-ness!

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