VEDA CHEWS Chocolate Caramel Chews & Topical Roll-On Balm

edibles magazine veda chews review march 2016

Amongst the many chews available on the market, Veda Chews sets themselves apart with an unparallelled medical product. We really enjoyed these mini chocolate caramel chews. The products they have available are Gold CBD, Silver CBD, Indica, Hybrid, Sativa, and Mega Hybrid. With their products ranging from 40mg to 210mg they have taken the guesswork out of dosing with each package separated and individually packaged into 4 doses. It helps that they are individually sealed in a pharmaceutical-grade tray ensuring you eat one at a time.

The THC flavor is strong, though they’re small, so it’s easy to digest. The recommended wait time for additional dosing is approximately 1 hour, to which I impatiently ate another about 40 mins in. Great body and head high, long-lasting with no hangover feeling. The high is light but noticeable and gives you some nice warm-fuzzies, and maybe a few extra laughs. What we really love about this product is the fact that it’s Non-GMO, Sugar-Free and Vegan. I’ve finally found what I’m looking for! – a truly healthy edible.

In addition to the chews, they also offer a Veda Balm, a CBD topical product with 60mg THC and 60mg CBD (in the small roll-on), the large balm has exactly twice as much medicine, infused with 180mg THC and 180mg CBD.

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