Are you one of those people that enjoys edibles, but does not want to be rendered useless after consumption? Well, if you are like me the answer is simple: “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”

Their One Hitter line boasts a sweet myriad of low-dose and extremely low-cost medibles – with really fun names! I mean, after a long day who wouldn’t want to try a Chill Pill or Slamcake? I know I did. After a very long day consumed by cannabis, I decided to consume some cannabis – see what I did there?

Allow me to explain their creative and cost-effective products:

Hazers: Freshly baked mini snickerdoodle, lemon & chocolate chip cookies. These mini cookies contain 20mg THC and the retail price is only $1. That’s right, ONE dollar!

Peanut Budders: Chocolate-peanut butter cookies stuffed with a peanut butter filling. They weigh in at 50mg THC each priced at $2. They are incredibly delicious and melt in your mouth! Those who love peanut butter will surely go crazy over these.

Chill Pills: Buttery cookie sandwich with a layer of either caramel or chocolate in the middle, all dipped in chocolate. Priced at only $3 for a 50mg cookie is not a hard sell. I want to say these are my favorite, but I don’t honestly think that I could narrow it down to one favorit item. However, fair warning, much like a Milano cookie these decadent little creations are hard to put down. Chill Pills deserve their own tagline perhaps: once you chill, you just can’t stop – thanks for the help on coming up with that one Pringles!

Slamcakes: Stuffed cupcakes available two ways – chocolate cake with a vanilla buttercream filling or the Elvis cake, which is a chocolate-banana cake with a peanut butter filling. I have to admit I hate bananas (like despise them), but the Elvis Slamcake is really effing good. The cake was moist and extremely soft. The peanut butter filling simply melted in my mouth. The flavors complimented each other so well that I didn’t even notice the banana. Well played Lazy Mae’s, well played. Also, did I mention they contain 50mg THC and will only set you back three bucks?

Salted Caramel Chocolate Bombs: Tart shell covered in chocolate with a caramel center. These are the most potent of their edibles at 100mg THC with a retail cost of $4. As someone who sees various infused products all the time, I have to tell you I have not seen a product like this. This is a simple yet, elegant product that you just don’t often see a lot of in the current MJ marketplace. I would expect to see this in the case at my local bakery, not a dispensary. It is nice to see that some companies are taking the initiative to integrate high-end edibles into their product lines. As our industry grows, the consumer will become more elevated and demand a higher caliber product. Thank you Lazy Mae’s for catering to foodies like me!

Smorezzz: Homemade graham crackers with a marshmallow filling covered in chocolate. This treat that will take you right back to camping in the summer contains 50mg and costs $4. So, I don’t think this needs further explanation… Just go get one. We both know you want to!

Nuggets: Little butter cookies with only 25mg and cost $3.50. These aren’t the most potent option, but they are perfect for someone who has a lower tolerance. Although, if you have a high tolerance for cannabis you could always eat a couple throughout the day for daytime medicating.

Now, I would like to clarify that all prices are retail, not wholesale. This means, this is the price YOU pay! So, let’s break this down: You can get an edible containing between 20mg-100mg THC for only $1-$4!!!!! Your next question should be: where do I sign up?

Based in Los Angeles, California. The Head Chef & Co-Founder – Heather and Co-Founder – George were nice enough to sit down with the Edibles List team to shed some light on their company.

Edibles List: What was the inspiration behind starting your company?

Heather: That answer is different for all of us. I am extremely passionate about the marijuana industry and I have always wanted to bake. Unfortunately, I have had a lot of experience with cancer in my life and I am really excited about CBD and the benefits it can provide cancer patients. Plus being my own boss is a great thing!

George: I am an entrepreneur by trade. This is the 5th of 7th businesses I have opened. Most of them are in the entertainment world; however, I have always been interested in this industry. Heather was the way that I could get into cannabis. I knew I couldn’t do it without someone who knows what they are doing in a kitchen.

EL: How old were you when you began using cannabis?

H: I started smoking later than most teenagers; my first time was when I was 17. I have undiagnosed ADD/ADHD and when I started smoking I became a completely different person. I was finally able to focus and do well in school. Cannabis changed my life!

G: I started much younger than Heather, I was 11. I was a very angry kid and always getting into fights. When I started smoking it changed my life completely. It helped me deal with my emotions. You wouldn’t even recognize me if you met me back then.

EL: What is your specific product line?

H: We currently focus on sweets, high-end edibles, not just cookies and cakes. There is more effort behind our edibles. We make sure we use the highest quality products.

G: The One Hitter line was specifically developed to follow the trends in the marketplace. The climate of the industry in Colorado really helped us craft our product line. For example, we focus on low dose edibles as we know that Colorado calls for 10mg dosing.

H: Additionally, we created the Hazer line which are low-dose 20 mg cookies that only cost $1 at retail. A Stage IV cancer patient who felt so great off of 20mgs, and didn’t need anymore, inspired this line. We want to help people who want to get medicated at an affordable price. We’re opening the door for the inexperienced and older clientele. It’s so necessary to have the dose options.

EL: What is your baking background?

H: I have been baking forever! I started when I was little. In fact, my family has pictures of me, in front of the oven, at three years old. In high school, I knew I was going to bake and didn’t even take my SATs because I knew I was going to Culinary School. I ended up going to the Culinary Academy of Long Island. It was a great experience, but if you are interested in the culinary arts I encourage you to just go out and find a restaurant and learn there. I began working in a Vegan bakery and then German-Italian bakery. While in school, I learned French methods. At the Vegan bakery, I learned how to handle a high volume kitchen; and at the German bakery I learned techniques practiced in Long Island for decades.

EL: Why choose this specific product line versus other products i.e. hard candies, savory, gummies, etc.?

H: Honestly, I’m not big on the candy thing. Given the right molds anyone can do it. I am a pastry chef, I want to be able to showcase my love of food. As far as savory goes, it’s not of the question.

EL: What is your infusion process?

H: We run kief through the Magic Butter system. It’s super useful and I can make our oil quickly. Working with kief is great because you can smell marijuana in the product, but you can’t really taste it. It’s not just about the cannabis; there are other flavors too. It’s actually a really odd sensation – smelling it but not tasting it!

EL: Where do you hope to see the cannabis industry in 5 years?

H: I would love to see it recreationally legal nationwide, but first and foremost, I’d like California to go legal. My hope is that we can start some sort of catering businesse or brick & mortar options.
G: I want to see the Amsterdam coffee shop come to the US. I really envision a Green House Centrum or Pink Floyd Coffee Shop that anyone can go to and enjoy cannabis. Some place with high quality herbs and a great atmosphere.

EL: What can we expect to see from your company in the future?

G: We have some great things coming up! We are currently working on CBD sodas, carbonated and non-carbonated flavored waters, vape pens and oil. Also, we have just partnered up with Green Cloud Logistics. They are helping us to expand into NorCal and hit more SoCal areas.

H: A full CBD line as well as Vegan and gluten-free options. Really, I just hope the edibles market grows, so that I can elevate. I feel like I have to hold myself back because people aren’t yet looking for the fancier pastries. I can’t wait to create products with more va-va-voom!

EL: What are your thoughts on CBD?

G: We are currently teaming up with Honey Farm Vapes to use their whole plant CBD Co2 oil to create our sodas. We are set to launch those soon so keep an eye out!

EL: What do you feel sets your company apart from the competition?

G: Branding. We are always getting compliments on it. We wanted a clear-cut mascot that has staying power. It’s remiss that everyone in this industry are not looking at the Nabisco’s of the world and learning that their brand image is instrumental in withstanding our industry. We are also vertically integrated, so we control our products from seed to sale. We grow high quality meds to use in our edibles and by handling everything from the beginning, we can make sure we offer nothing but the best products.

The best thing about Lazy Mae’s is that the people behind the company are truly passionate about what they do. The company began with a group a friends wanting to do something new. As the cannabis industry matures we will continue our quest to find the best companies out there and showcase those in the industry doing things the right way. Congratulations on your success in the industry thus far, and we look forward to seeing what your future holds. Lazy Mae’s Edibles is officially Edibles List Approved!

Lazy Mae’s One Hitter line is great for people who don’t want to get annihilated, but medicated. They offer an assortment of well-made, elegant products that everyone should try! For more information: about Lazy Mae’s Edibles check out: www.lazymaesedibles.com


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