Jolly Meds, is a San Francisco based company founded in 2005. The owner saw a need to create an alternative to traditional anti-depressants and treatments for a wide range of neurological disorders and diseases and so, Jolly Meds was born. Early on the folks at Jolly Meds realized the need for sativa dominant and thire lozenges have only gained more and more popularity over the past 10 years.

Jolly Meds specializes in strain specific hard candy lozenges, lollipops and honey based edibles. Their product line includes CBD, Sativa and Indica JOLLY-LOLLYS, SLO-POPS (lollipops), QU-OOBS, CBD-OOS, CANNI-SOOTHES (hard candy lozenges), GOOD-EEZ (sugar-free lozenges), and CANNA-DOO (raw organic honey based products).

Their wide-range of products are effective, great tasting and easy to use! I opted to try the CBD CANNA-DOO to sweeten my green tea. I used the recommended dosage of 1 teaspoon equivalent of 30mg, as per packaging. At first, there was a brief moment of a euphoric feeling for me. About a half hour later, the CBD seemed to be in full effect. I was able to complete my work without feeling any negative effects. Shortly, after consumption I had to meet a client. It was a relief knowing that I could go without the fear of people noticing that I was medicated.

Due to my injury, I am very sensitive to changes in the weather. I experience hypersensitivity in my nerves, which becomes painful and uncomfortable. I also get a lot of specificity. Quadriplegics generally seem to suffer from a lot of nervous energy. At times, we may experience symptoms similar to anxiety attacks. THC definitely helps, but in my experience, CBD is much better at alleviating a the nervous pain and anxiety.

I also tried the ginger flavored QU-OOBS with 60mg THC / 6 MG CBD. I would nevert have thought to do a ginger candy, but it was a pleasant surprise. Due to the ginger flavoring, it is a bit spicy tasting and the cannabis is prevalent. However, as stated on the packaging, it is a ”Medicated Cannabis Lozenge… Not A Food Item”.

Initially, I did not know what to expect from the packaging. But to my surprise, there were four doses inside. I really like the lozenges because I can take one when I am in pain, but don’t want to feel too high. These are a perfect solution for those who just need to ‘take the edge off’.

If you’re dealing with issues like chronic neurogenic pain, and spasticity, this is a terrific product to have in your arsenal. If you are like me, being high all of the time is not ideal. It is nice to know that companies like Jolly Meds, take great effort in providing you with the relief you need while allowing you to still function.


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