Cannabis is not just for humans! More and more we are seeing companies that cater to man’s best friend. Pet owners are becoming more aware of the horrible things that are put in their furry companion’s food. Consumers are calling for a natural, non-chemical means to help their pets. This is precisely where The Healthy Canine based in Oregon comes in. As featured on Edibles List Magazine’s September 2015 cover, they produce Canna Banana Dog treats, a line of organic, grain-free CBD dog treats.

All of their ingredients are locally sourced and each treat is handmade in a commercial kitchen. Canna Banana Dog treats ingredients include: buckwheat flour, banana, peanut butter, flax seed meal, honey, egg, medical cannabis CBD oil, vanilla (certified organic). Their preferred method of infusion is CBD BHO. The process of infusing the CBD BHO is easy in the sense that the oil is already decarboxylated at 250 degreed, but difficult in the sense that it takes a long time to cook the product a low temperatures, careful to not strip the medicinal benefits from the plant. Each pet treat contains 7.3mg CBD / 1.6mg THC. Each package contains two regular sized pet treats.

Believe it or not, our September cover girl Mystie Mountain is an 11-year-old longhaired Husky who thoroughly enjoys cannabis. Her owner has been giving her CBD treatments for many years. Like most big dogs Mystie has developed arthritis in her hindquarter. She has a hard time keeping up with her best friend Buddy.

Buddy is a White German Shepherd mix who is 3-years-old and is a bit neurotic and has serious separation anxiety. Unlike his bestie, he does not like cannabis. As a test of this theory, we decided to do a blind taste test (of sorts) with the duo. In the right hand we held a CBD infused Canna Banana Dog treat and in the left we held the exact same treat made without CBD. Each time we did this, Mystie went straight for the infused treat and Buddy took the non-infused version.

After giving Mystie one Canna Banana Dog treat a day, for three days, we saw noticeable changes in her stance and walk. She seemed to have a much easier time getting around. She became much more at ease when trying to stand up or sit down. Her spirits seemed high and once again she reclaimed her title as ‘Queen of the Dog Park’. She was once more able to keep up with the pack while chasing the ball.

Buddy was given the same amount of infused treats as Mystie for the same duration. He became a different dog; he seemed to have a calm come over him. When left alone he did not cry or howl and even left his mom’s shoes alone (his preferred method of punishment for leaving him) – always a win in our book! Buddy was far more relaxed and was happy simply sunbathing all day.

All in all it is this writer’s humble opinion that if dogs could speak, Mystie and Buddy would tell us how much they loved the Canna Banana Dog treats by The Healthy Canine! If you are a cannabis enthusiast or even just love your dog beyond words who has some kind of ailment we suggest you check out The Healthy Canine. Their treats are organic and lab tested. They grow their own medicine to ensure the quality of the plant. The Healthy Canine is not only Edibles List Approved, but also Mystie and Buddy think they are just WOOFTASTIC!

For more information on how you can help your puppy pal like The Healthy Canine on Facebook at: www.facebook.com/THCllc.cbd


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