Siddhi Bhang Infusions Review

As a Doctor of Alternative Medicine, many of my patients are looking for something to help them with mood, pain management, energy, stress, and many other problems.

Having suggested the products from Siddhi Bhang Infusions™, I have found the use of Siddhi’s product to be very helpful in treating some of these problems for many of my patients.

A wonderful blend of Ayurvedic medicine herbs along with a touch of cannabis, Siddhi Bhang Infusions™ gives a healing energy that they have not experienced with other means.

Smoking can be harmful in many ways. The Herbal Bhang Chai drink mixes are soothing and useful, as well as effective in treating several problems. The Cannabis Elixir Sprays are an efficient way to get quick relief as an alternative medicine source.

Personally, the Siddhi Bhang Infusions™ line of products has helped shrink a cyst in my throat, and helped me get to sleep.

Siddhi Ayurvedic Bhang Capsules are a balanced blend of original Siddhi Bhang blended with concentrated synergistic and tonic herbs. The Ayurvedic Bhang Capsules are blended in 1:1, Uplift THC and Uplift CBD formulations.

Siddhi Cannabis Elixir Sprays are fast acting herbal mood-enhancing elixirs augmented with concentrated herbal extracts for maximum potency and synergy. The cannabis elixirs are blended with exotic Ayurvedic herbs such as Siberian Pur Black Shilajit, Calamus (Vacha) root & Holy Basil.

Siddhi Bhang Drink Mixes are vegan, fine powdered, medicated blends of powerful herbs & spices renowned for their ability to promote health, vitality & rejuvenation, a potent energizing array of Ayurvedic, Chinese & Amazon herbal tonics which support optimum energy levels for the body & mind.


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