Medible Review: Shum-Met™ CBD Bars

Medible Review: Shum-Met™ CBD Bars | Edibles List | Edibles Magazine

Edibles aren’t just meant to be a means of consumption to get you “so totally stoned, dude.” Edibles are the source of relief for a countless number of symptoms and ailments. Shum-Met™ understands this sentiment. Their name comes from the Egyptian term “Shum-shum-met” meaning “the medical marijuana plant.” The Egyptians believed that the possibilities for the cannabis plant were infinite. I’d say we still have a thing or two to learn from ancient Egypt.

Shum-Met™ emerged onto the scene in mid-2014. This Colorado based company isn’t just making a splash in the industry; it’s more of a tidal wave. Earlier this year, Shum-Met™ received the Best CBD Edible Award at Cannabis Cup Colorado in April. It was then that they realized the great need for good CBD infused edibles and thus, Shum-Met™ CBD was born.

These full-size chocolate bars are made with US certified industrial hemp CBD and contain no traces of THC. This allows the company to expand their reach outside of Colorado. They are now available in 15 flavors including White Chocolate Macadamia, Cookies and Cream, Dank Dark, Salty Scotch, Tooty Frooty, Strawberry Shortcake and more!

Upon first inspection, I really liked the packaging. I thought it was incredibly well done and informative. The box includes the nutritional facts and a brief write write up about the company. Then the gold bag, actually containing the product has an Egyptian scene right next to an actual depiction of what you can expect inside, that way there are no surprises!

I had the pleasure of trying the strawberry shortcake flavor. It was delicious! The chocolate was pink in color and undoubtedly smelled like strawberry. The bar is made up of eight squares. It’s great that the company does that because when it comes to CBD, a little bit goes a long way, so by pre-scoring it makes it very easy for someone to control dosing. The white chocolate is creamy and tastes just like a strawberry shortcake (mixed with chocolate, of course)!

I suffer from chronic back pain and lately it has been bothering me more than usual, so I decided to try Shum-Met™ for some relief. About 30 minutes after eating two of the squares I felt a sudden calm come over me and no longer experienced pain in my lower back, but felt functional. I didn’t feel groggy or negatively affected in any way.

This is not the first hemp CBD edible that I have had, but I will tell you it is one of the better ones. The best part about Shum-Met™ Bars – in my opinion – is that they are great for daytime medicating, chronic pain and anxiety. This can be attributed to the absence of THC. Without the THC I did not experience the “come down” after the medicine wore off. CBD is a known anti-inflammatory, so it helps reduce pain quite a bit. Also, since there is in THC present, you don’t run the risk of encountering the paranoia so it does not incite anxiety – which is fantastic!

Shum-met™ Bars has come a long way in such a short time. As long as they continue to produce an amazing product we will continue consuming them! Speaking of, hey Shum-met™ we need the white chocolate macadamia bars in our lives… We hear they are killer!

To follow Shum-Met’s story check out their Instagram page: @shummet_bars.


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