Medible Review: Canni’s Cakes N’ Confections

Medible Review: Canni’s Cakes N’ Confections

Usually I would start off with some clever sentence to catch your attention. However, with Canni’s Cakes N’ Confections I don’t really have to. Let me just tell you right now, there is no real point to continuing to read. Just go get one of her cakes right now, you will not be disappointed. These cakes were honestly among some of the best cakes I have ever had.

The cakes are all moist and delicious. Honestly, each time I would just mean to take a bite and before I knew it the container was empty. CCNC was founded in 2004. The owner’s background is in cannabis and culinary arts so this was a very natural move to make.

I personally loved the chocolate turtle cake, the birthday cake with sprinkles and the red vanilla cake. Each of the cake flavors is unique and delicious. CCNC has set themselves up to create a fantastic menu as the flavor options are endless.

CCNC offers a wide array of Gourmet edible cakes for just about everyone. They create their cakes with the people they have met along the way in this industry. There is a story behind how each cake came to be in the product line. You can never know what’s coming out of the kitchen until the baker is finished with it.

Canni’s Cakes N’ Confections are delicious decadent cakes that are not only delicious but they are insanely effective. The high was mellow and not too intense. These make a great daytime medicating product because you can eat a bite or two at a time. Go ask for Canni’s Cakes N’ Confections at your local dispensary today! You will NOT be disappointed.


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