When asked about the inspiration of his company, the creator of Healthy High said, “I felt there was a tremendous lack of healthy options for patients medicating with edibles and wanted to bring my culinary experience and knowledge as a nutritional coach together to provide healthy edible alternatives to patients. Food itself can either be the cure or cause for ailments and disease. By delivering cannabis and all it’s wonderful healing benefits in a treat that isn’t full of artificial garbage and ingredients that do more harm than help, it’s a win-win. You’re doing your body a favor by choosing a healthy edible as opposed to adding to the problem by eating junk.”

The owner of Healthy High was working as a private chef and nutritional coach to Hollywood celebrities, helping his clients shift their lifestyles and diets to become healthier through raw and vegan foods as well as juice cleansing. Additionally, he ran his own dehydrated, raw, organic snack foods company, selling products locally and online.

We’ve reviewed some of Healthy High’s products before, but because there is such a lack of healthy edibles out there, we want to bring light back to their line as a truly healthy option. They infuse their products using raw, organic coconut oil and high quality cannabis trim.

The Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Bar is one of their most popular products. It is made from all-natural, simple ingredients that you can pronounce. There are no preservatives or artificial additives of any sort and it is made with coconut oil, which has been proven to support weight-loss! Their products are currently Indica based, they are great for pain relief, deep muscle relaxation, anxiety, nausea, headaches and insomnia.

“I’ve seen, first hand, the powerful transformation and healing that’s possible through choosing healthy foods. I helped one of my clients lose 60 lbs in a little over two months by doing just that. The foods we eat contribute directly to many of the health problems that people experience – obesity being one of them. Poor food choices lead to the deterioration of health and good food choices promote health and longevity. The power of cannabis combined with healthy foods is a recipe for greatness!,” said the owner of Healthy High.

They have several exciting new products in the works. They will be expanding to include Sativa options as well as high CBD products. Their new products will retain Healthy High’s focus on healthy, natural ingredient-based edibles and will provide a low-calorie, high potency product that’s easy to measure individual dosing in a convenient, discreet package.


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