Medible Review: Medi-Roons

medi-roons medible review

Medi-Roons are a product I have been dying to try since they hit the market. I am always looking for a healthier alternative to the cookies and gummies that currently have the market cornered. Although, I do predict that more and more consumers and patients will seek out nutritional edibles (hint hint, nudge nudge edible makers). Medi-Roons are both delicious and good for you!

Medi-Roons currently offers two products, the Lemon Pie and Brownie in both indica & sativa. Before I go into the actual review, let me just preface this by telling you I HATE citrus in baked goods and pastries. I am no lemon meringue kind of a girl. With that being said, the Lemon Pie Medi-Roons are amazing. They are moist and decadent. When you bite into one you cannot help yourself from eating the whole thing.

I personally tasted the sativa Lemon Pie and the indica Brownie, both were absolutely delicious and an effective medicine. Unlike all of the sugar based edibles I am used to I did not feel horrible after I ate them. It is extremely nice to have an edible that bridges the gap between patient and edible without being pumped full of GMOs and other harsh chemicals.

Medi-Roons are made with only natural products. They are gluten free, paleo, vegan and scrumdiddlyumptious. The co-founder of Medi-Roons understands the importance of getting the right medicine to the patient using the right delivery method. The Medi-Roon’s owner is a United States Marine Corp Veteran who personally uses his indica products to help manage PTSD.

Both the Lemon Pie and Brownie come in 8 packs – 30mg each, so there is a total of 240mg in the entire package. Upon first biting into the Lemon Pie, I expected to taste the equivalent of lemon mixed with grass in a cookie; however, to my dismay, the cannabis was (almost) undetectable and the lemon flavoring was not overpowering. In fact, I felt like Goldilocks and the lemon was just right!

The Brownie was equally well done. The marijuana was far more prevalent in the brownie, yet not overpowering. There was a nice balance of the 3 C’s – coconut, cacao and cannabis. The best medicine truly does start with the food you eat and in the wise words of Medi-Roons, “Live the High Life Naturally!”

Medi-Roons has done a phenomenal job of creating a healthy and tasty edible. I am happy to say that Medi-Roons are 100% Edibles List Approved.


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