The Jilly Jane’s Triple 7 Bakery Fruity Stoned bar is…beautiful. Looking at it, you can just tell it’s going to be a good time. First of all – lezbehonest – I like anything rainbow. Call it a stereotype if you must, but I do. The Fruity-stoned bar is a gorgeous ombre’d package with a clever rainbow-branded logo. I almost feel like Jilly Jane just made this bar for all the queer people of the world. So I’ll pretend it was made for us and consume it often in appreciation.

It’s very clever and comprehensive branding because the wrapper is multi-colored, (and it’s called the fruity stoned bar), so it builds anticipation for more rainbow. It does not disappoint. The fruity stoned bar is a rainbow-licious bar of cereal buttery marshmallow goodness, but it’s in a rainbow wrapper. C’mon. They’ve got me from the jump.

It offers a very mellow, euphoric body high. I’m actually writing this article to you after having medicated with some of it and I don’t feel trippy, or out of control. I feel like bobbing my head to 90’s R&B and talking to people that I love. My body feels very relaxed and my head feels clear. I love this feeling and the energy it brings.

Needless to say, I’m a big fan of the fruity-stoned bar. It’s a scrumptious, visually and orally delightful treat with great consistency, texture, and clean flavor that offers a very chill, functional high.


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