Medible Review: Uncle Ronnie’s Beef Jerky

Medible Review: Uncle Ronnie's Beef Jerky

If you like jerky you will love Uncle Ronnie’s beef jerky!! Its founders paid tribute to their Uncle Ronnie by creating Uncle Ronnie’s Inc. Uncle Ronnie was a California native and Vietnam Vet that received a Purple Heart. He passed away in February 2011 and since then Uncle Ronnie’s Inc. has provided quality medicine to California patients.

Uncle Ronnie’s Inc. offers a full product line including flowers, beef jerky, tinctures, pre-rolls and concentrates. Their Uncle Ronnie’s Reserve is a heavy OG and they pride themselves on the consistency of their genetics.

The beef jerky comes in four flavors: Fuego (Fire) OG, Honey Pepper OG, Teriyaki OG and BBQ OG. Each bag contains 175mg of THC and uses 1.25 oz CO2 oil to infuse the jerky. The product comes in a gold pouch with a full window in the front. A large sticker covers the window with a fun drawing of Uncle Ronnie wearing a bucket hat and sunglasses at the beach, sporting a very fine white beard. The back of the packaging includes all of the nutrition facts, ingredients and legal disclaimers.

The product itself is delicious! I really like the BBQ OG and Fuego OG together for a little sweet and spicy! You can definitely taste the oil, but the flavor of the jerky does a very good job of hiding them. The effects are swift and heavy. Unfortunately, the jerky is so good I could not stop myself from eating them. About a bag and a half, and 30 minutes later I was stoned. I would warn anyone who wants to try this that they do it when they do not have to worry about doing anything after, as it is a very heavy high. All in all, Uncle Ronnie’s really does the trick!

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