Medible Review: Utopia Farms

Medible Review: Utopia Farms

Utopia Farms is an award-winning cannabis company based in Santa Cruz, California. As stated on their packaging, Utopia specializes in ‘artisan flowers, refined extracts & nutritious edibles’ which are all pesticide free! Here at Edibles Magazine we were lucky enough to get to try one of each of the previously stated items. From Utopia Farms we received samples of the award-winning Chiquita Banana flower, Chiquita Banana concentrate, and raspberry and chocolate macaroons.

First off, the flower is stunning. It is impeccably well-trimmed and dripping in crystals. The packaging is a simple glass jar with a very clean looking label. I very much appreciate the fact that they print their test results from SC Labs directly on the jar with a QR code that takes you to the actual results. The sativa dominant hybrid sure is effective, as it should be since hits approximately 30%! After one hit, I immediately felt a head change, yet still felt productive. This is 100% my kind of bud! It has a swift onset, and is long lasting but does not render you useless. I appreciate that I was able to be super productive after use.

Now, the same cannot be said for the Chiquita Banana concentrate. Holy cheeseballs Utopia, this seriously knocked me on my you know what! Weighing in at close to 90% THC, this concentrate is one that is perfect for right before bed. I took three hits of out my Dabsolute Concentrate Pen and I was out. Within 20 minutes I was comatose for the rest of the evening. I just could not help myself the flavor is outstanding. Even the smell of it is tantalizing. P.S. They even put a batch number on the label, so if anything were to be awry with your concentrate they could track it back and fix the problem!

Lastly, I have to admit the packaging is on point for the macaroons. The opaque back is white with specific colored stripes -colors dependent on the flavor – on the top on bottom of the bag. They include all the pertinent information you would want on there and even let you know with icons on the front of the bag that they are gluten free, vegan, paleo and raw; they are even kosher! I love coconut, so I was super stoked that they were traditional macaroons. The bag contains 4 two-bite macaroons with 25mg THC each. The raspberry ones were my favorite, though I might be a little bias since chocolate is not really my thing – I know, don’t hate me! Upon first biting into it, there is an ever-so-slight taste of cannabis, but it fades as you eat it. The high is very clean and smooth, more like the flower than the concentrate. All in all, A+ Utopia Farms, A+!

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