ThaiStick Vaporizers Review

Following the recent consumer demand, there has been a proliferation of vaporizer pens and attachments aimed at streamlining the process of consuming smokeless concentrates.

The ThaiStick Vaporizer Pen and Refill Cartridge products aim to satisfy a desire for the highest quality vaporizer concentrate possible with current technology. The Oregon-based company Xtractix, manufactures the liquid for ThaiStick in a state of the art facility that ensures the product is never heated past 85°F and never comes into contact with anything but stainless steel, ensuring a pure and high end product making it ideal for
medical consumers.

The ThaiStick lineup includes both a disposable and reusable vapor pen, refill cartomizers preloaded with a gram of oil, and an applicator of liquid concentrate for those who would rather refill their own cartomizers – the device that is screwed on to the battery supply to deliver e-juice through a vape pen. Patients can choose between sativa, indica, or hybrid concentrates that are offered in a wide range of flavors from bubblegum to watermelon.

The infusions produced by ThaiStick run at 80% THC, O.2% CBD, and 0.5% CBN and the effect upon use is immediate. The full flavored Original reveals the purity of the concentrate in its unflavored form, where you can taste the full range of terpenes that are preserved in the production process, which uses only laboratory grade N-Butane. A single gram of concentrate can last a long time, as it provides between one and two hundred hits – depending on the size of your average hit.

One of the most appealing aspects of the ThaiStick system is its accessibility. A delivery system, which vaporizes high-grade oil at the push of a button, is ideal for the on-the-go consumer, and its potency and quick onset make it ideal for breakthrough pain or nausea. In an effort to promote user safety, the ThaiStick reusable vapor pens come in childproof containers and the battery can lock by clicking the button five times.

In the end, it is the quality of ThaiStick products combined with the discrete accessibility of vaporizer pens that makes it an appealing choice. The mint flavor is a popular flavor and highly recommended; it was my personal favorite because of how smooth it tasted.


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