Topical Feature: God’s Gift Balms & Cannabis Infused Cellulite Scrub

God's Gift Topical Balms Products

Both men and women suffer from cellulite or sagging skin. God’s Gift Topical Products has just come out with a line of body scrubs targeted specifically to help tighten skin and reduce cellulite. The secret ingredient in their scrubs is coffee grinds. You may or may not know that caffeine stimulates collagen in the epidermal layers of the skin. What’s a better source of caffeine than coffee?

Infused with cannabis oil as well as a proprietary blend of essential oils, this scrub is perfect for primping for any occasion. Whether you’ve lost weight and have loose skin, or you just aren’t happy with the backs of your thighs (which almost all women are self-conscious about), this cellulite scrub will make your legs and tummy look and feel great!

Start with a small handful of the God’s Gifts grinds in the shower, rub all over your body for full exfoliation and collagen stimulation. You’ll notice the scent from the essential oils provide an irresistible aroma therapy experience. They recommend using the scrub twice a week for best results. For maximum results God’s Gift Products creator suggests applying the scrub to the skin, then wrap extremities with plastic wrap for approximately two hours or so. You can clean the house or watch a movie and relax while the caffeine absorbs deep into the skin.

God’s Gift Products also offers a cannabis infused lip balm (that comes in assorted flavors), and a cannabis pain salve. The product line was created when the creator’s husband was diagnosed with cancer. The pain salve helped him through his cancer both with chemotherapy side effects and cancer pain. Cannabis is something that allowed her husband to live. She says with “God’s healing oil,” her mission is to create unique products that help the people around her.

What I love about her pain salve is that it is not greasy, and it does not have a menthol or minty smell (for me personally I don’t love that aroma, it actually makes me sick). Instead, they use cinnamon in their recipe which makes the salve smell sweet, friendly and enticing.

The cannabis beauty and body market is quickly and widely expanding. You heard it here, God’s Gifts Products has the first ever cannabis cellulite scrub! It will leave you feeling smooth, refreshed, moisturized and rejuvenated.

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