Topical Review: Dragon Balm by Love & Light Bakery

I’m no stranger to balms and different topical ointments. After suffering a spinal cord injury in 2002, I have hypersensitivity in my upper right arm and neck. I’ve tried all kinds of topical ointments to help alleviate the discomfort. The first option recommended to me by my physician was lidocaine patches. That worked well enough, but it was so painful to take the patch off, it just wasn’t worth it. After that, I went the holistic route and experimented with different herbal balms. Some work better than others, but nothing was impressive enough for me to keep using any particular brand until I tried Dragon Balm by Love & Light Bakery.

I have been using it for just about a week, and it is fantastic. It comes in a roll-on type of container. Upon opening the lid, your nose is flooded with a mixture of mint and eucalyptus, which is delightfully aromatic. After reading the ingredients, you can see why. Not only is it made using high-quality cannabis infused coconut oil (which Love & Light sells at wholesale), but also is rich with eleven kinds of essential oils.

The use of essential oils in the Dragon Balm is very impressive to me as I use many of them for respiratory issues and general health care. Dragon Balm is just as impressive in application. I would apply it in the morning and not have any hypersensitivity issues for the entire day. It also works great for edema. Because I’m in a seated position all day, I tend to get swelling in my ankles. Since I’ve been using this balm, my swelling has notably lessened. This is a non-narcotic deep pain relief that truly works!

There are so many salves on the market that I’m sure this will not be the last balm that I use, but if it were, I would certainly be okay with it. If interested in Dragon Balm, go to: www.loveandlightbakery.com


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