Grassfed Shares Virtual Infused Dining

Grassfed Shares Virtual Infused Dining

Grassfed is a unique dining group located in Los Angeles that brings together many creative elements of infused dining. Presented by Dan Braunstein, the founder of Grassfed, he specializes in hosting gastronomic groups of people open to experiencing the safe enjoyment of edibles infused with cannabis. Setting the vibes with music and virtual play while ingesting some of the most exquisite edibles makes a perfect night of cannabis delights.

Grassfed Shares Virtual Infused Dining

Virtual Reality and Cannabis came together at one of Dan’s events recently. Guest were able to become fully immersed with Virtual Reality while indulging in cannabis bites, infused desserts and a soulful list of music that flowed like the smoke wafting from the vapes and smoke present.

Grassfed Shares Virtual Infused Dining

The Virtual Reality model was so successful that they have plans for another event this April and many other unique themed dinners are being planned. From Seafood to jazz, Reggae to Soul Food it seems Grassfed is satisfying the culinary delights of Angelinos with its delicious events.

Grassfed Shares Virtual Infused Dining

Dan’s sincere intentions on creating these events are for all to enjoy the relaxing elements that infused dining has to offer. For the beginners, the micro dosing is a key factor and Grassfed is very consciences about respecting this issue. If you have never experienced edibles before feel confident that Grassfed supports the education in infusing with cannabis responsibly.

Grassfed Shares Virtual Infused Dining

If you are interested in learning more please visit the website at or if you’re ready to virtual dine in email at to make your reservation for the net dining event by Grassfed! The grass is really greener in the city of angels!

Grassfed Shares Virtual Infused Dining

Keiko Beatie

Grassfed Shares Virtual Infused Dining

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