7 Habits of Highly Successful Stoners

James Franco and Seth Rogan

1. Know Your Dose.
Successful stoners don’t usually drink or use other “drugs” or recreational medicines other than a healthy holistic way of life. Don’t overdose and use Sativa when possible. Try micro or mini dosing and remember not every day is a party.

2. Watch What You Eat.
Don’t let the munchies get the best of you. Maybe it means being Paleo, Pescatarian or Vegan, maybe not – but whatever you do just be aware of what you put in your body
and how it affects you. Don’t be afraid to eat, just remember that what you indulge on
doesn’t need to be bad. Some foods are delicious and also improve brain function
and energy levels.

3. Get Some Exercise or Have a Hobby.
In order to keep your peace of mind, you need to do more than just work and smoke weed. Paint, play an instrument, work out, do yoga, take up knitting – find something to balance and relax you.

4. Learn What You Don’t Know, Read.
You only know what you don’t know. Mark Cuban, owner of the Mavericks NBA team, and fan favorite investor on ABC’s Shark Tank, testifies to reading and recommends if you want to be successful to read at least 3 hours a day. He says he never stops reading, and even if you learned just one thing from the book, it was worth the cost. Any book that can add a skill to your toolset is an investment…an investment in knowledge, and knowledge is power.

5. Work Hard, Respect the Task at Hand.
This one might seem obvious, but some people would have you believe there’s a shortcut to everything in life. Make no mistake, there is no substitution to putting feet to pavement and grinding the work ethic. Once the hard work is out of the way, you can switch gears to working smarter rather than harder. Respecting what you do and those that work with you are also critical to success. Keep in mind respect is something that is earned not given.

6. Be Consistent, Stay Consistent.
Ever notice that your one true best friend is the most consistent and reliable person you know? They’re always there for you, they are predictable and never let you down. It’s that kind of consistency that creates trust in all relationships, especially business. We live in an ever changing, extremely fast-paced world where there are no shortages of distractions or personal priorities. These days it’s harder than ever to find consistency in our relationships, once you figure out how to be consistent, STAY CONSISTENT. What’s the point in gaining one’s trust if you’re not going to follow through? This key point is almost more important than all the others mentioned here.

7.Be Persistent! Never Give Up!
Being consistent and being persistent are two very different things. Persistence by definition means never giving up. It’s important to note never giving up on what you are passionate about. Successful stoners understand that there is an art to knowing when to give up, but pursuing a dream or taking the initiative to attain a goal requires working past the fight or flight instinct. You have to fight for what you believe in and what your goals are. If you have ever read about the law of attraction, the “when” is never critical or of absolute importance. The old adage, “Good things come to those who wait,” refers to those who are waiting to reap their rewards from the seeds they’ve sown — not those who are sitting on their high asses waiting for a miracle to happen to them. Be the change you want to see!

B. Le Grand

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