Infused Expo Los Angeles Recap

Infused Expo Los Angeles Recap

It started out as a vision that would educate, inspire, and network the growing community of edibles, and it finally came to fruition this past October in downtown LA. On Sunday, October 23rd the inaugural Infused Expo took place in Los Angeles at the historically majestic Casa Vertigo. With speakers, panels, cooking demos, and an expo floor featuring some of the largest and up and coming edible and topical companies on the market, the Infused Expo made its debut to the public.

Being labeled as the first of its kind within the cannabis industry as an expo and conference focused on the growing industry of edibles and topicals, the 2016 Los Angeles Infused Expo had all the makings of a game changing event. Some of the most iconic names in the cannabis community came out to support this venture with passion and true insight. Created by B Le Grand, Publisher and CEO of The Edibles List, and Keiko Beatie of Women Grow OC, OC Norml, and Hemp Radio, it was an undertaking that was a labor of love and commitment. “Education and information on edibles and topicals are needed at this time within the industry”, said Keynote speaker and Master Grower Ed Rosenthal, whose new line of edible “Stardust” was unveiled at the Expo.

Other speakers who made an impression upon the hundreds of attendees were Maya Elisabeth of Whoopi & Maya™, Bob Eschino of Incredibles – the top selling edible in Colorado, Elvy Musikka – the Federal Marijuana Patient, Ed Breslin of Xternal Topicals, and Academy Award nominated actor and cannabis activist Eric Roberts. The panels that drew attention were: ‘Packaging and Labeling for The Future’ with Bob Eschino, Tomar Grassiany, and Wayne Neilsen of Zuma Print, ‘Testing for Tomorrow’ with Mallory Speakman and Kareem Kassen of SC Labs, ‘Branding and Marketing for The Future’ with Wendy Rall of Budd Branding and Ed Breslin, ‘Minorities In Cannabis’ with Buck Angel, Dr. Brandie Cross of The Pot Lab, Scout Durwood of MTV’s “Mary + Jane”, Francis Schauwecker of Mary Jane University, and Steven Chang of Incredibles, and ‘Dosing and Cannabis Applications’ with Dr. Allen, Dr. Evans, and David Slocum of Mothers Nature Remedy. All were great educational panels that inspired and piqued the interest of guests at the Expo.

Cooking Demos took place during the day by talented chefs Donna Collins of Global Infused Jams, Jellies and Sauces, Keira Fae Sumimoto of Weedmaps TV, Cheri Sicard of the Gourmet Cannabis Cookbook, and Dr. Raw Organics – an all natural cannabis infused candy company. Guests, if they had a doctor’s recommendation, were able to taste test the food presented with enthusiastic delight.

In the Expo area, there were amazing brands that are getting ready to come forward to consumers with well tested, packaged, and marketed topicals, tinctures, and infused edibles. The options included: Incredibles, Stardust, CannaClear, Infused Edibles, To Whom It May Concern, Hashman Products, Dazey Hemp, Shaman Jellies, Jams and Sauces, Mother Nature’s Remedy, Tax Defense Partners, eCannaPay, Organically Yours, Hummingbird Farms, Mary Jane University, and Deviant Dabs, just to name a few of the exciting booth presentations.

One tag line that was mentioned throughout the day by vendors that they couldn’t leave the booth because there were so many people seeking information! What a great problem to have at an event. It’s true; newcomers were on hand to learn, ask questions and soak it all in! A large number of owners and buyers of dispensaries and delivery services were invited to attend, so the vendors had lots of traction that developed into orders. It was called classy, sophisticated, and rewarding by most all who attended. Not at all like the usual 420 friendly events, as everyone there was there to create, network, and do genuine “business to business”. Smoking was allowed in marked areas, and you could vape and ingest wherever you liked!

There were a number of community nonprofits that participated with a great supportive effort: OC Norml, Marijuana Lifer Project, and Women Grow Orange County and LA created the perfect lounge at the Expo with live music and educational info on a number of up and coming products by members.

The After Party was well received with the help of fantastic Event Sponsors Pharm Aide Pharms and Dama Tequila, and with the cutting edge music of BACKBONE, whose funk and hip-hop fusion style had attendees grooving and dancing right along with Eric Roberts! With great food being provided by Veez on the Beach Catering it was a delicious array of appetizers at the after party to make it even more of an amazing event.

If this was the first inaugural Infused Expo I’m sure the rest of the country will want this event to be part of their community in the future. As the Infused Expo only supports the responsible expansion on edibles and topicals for consumers in a responsible presentation, many of us will be thankful that we were part of the birth of the Infused Expo and we look forward to the future and many more years to come. Portland and the Bay Area are both currently under consideration. Hope to see you at the next Infused Expo!

Thank you to the fantastic Title Sponsors – Incredibles, Pharm Aide Pharms, Dama Tequila & CannaClear

Thank you to the Volunteers!
Alisa Wright, Luisa Theil, Karin Clarke ,Tamara Lovesalot, JC, Patty Taylor, Sky Snyder, Francis Schauwecker, Barbie, Sommars, Vega of The Valley, Anton, Brad Zangwill, Christine Espiritu, Dave Ruiz, Erin Adair, Gino Brain, Jamie Lee McCormack, Kyah, Leighton Ridgard, Monique Raza, Rick Clevenger, Jackie Subeck, Winston, Princess Vashion, Emily Clark, Jess Sakolff, Leilani Keiser, Erin Adair, Lindsey Jones

Expo Vendors:
Incredibles, CannaClear, Dr. Raw Organics, The Jelly Shamans – Jellies and Sauces (check out the December Issue for a full product review on The Jelly Shamans), Goodies by MaGooch, Kushy Punch, Cheeba Chew, Bhang, Hemp Natura (The Ingredient Alliance), Sensi Chew, T-Check, Cheryl Graves, Sprig, Jeff the 420 Chef, Budd Branding, Mary Jane University, Hummingbird Farms, Hashman, To Whom it May, Infused Edibles, Organically Yours, Delta 9, Moonman’s Mistress, Edible Distribution, Edibles List Magazine, Stardust by Ed Rosenthal, Heal Our Troops America, Evoxe Labs, Deviant Dabs, CannaKids, OC Norml, Dazey Hemp, Whoopi & Maya™, Dr Raw Organics, Budd Branding, Women Grow LA and OC, Marijuana Lifer Project.

Ed Rosenthal, Elvy Musikka, Ed Breslin, Bob Eschino, Maya Elisabeth Lapid, Eric Roberts, Dr. Brandie Cross, Dr. Evans, Dr. Allen Miller, Mallory Speakman, Kareem Kassen, Scout Durwood, Frances Schauwecker, Tomer Grassiany, Kevin Bulbulyan, Chris Cross, Eric Hara, David Slocum, Ariel Clark, Tracy Ryan, Wayne Neilsen, Wendy Rall, Kelly Maynard, Tonya Watts, Benson Lau, Cheri Sicard, Steven Chang, Donna Collins, Buck Angel

Keiko Beatie

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