Just because it’s medicine does not mean it can’t be pretty! SoKind edibles are an extremely fun way to medicate. Their handcrafted designs are like little works of art. SoKind offers tastefully designed, frosted cookies and brownie bites. Upon first examining the package I noticed that SoKind not only vacuum seals the product with an instructional insert, they also wrap and seal each individual product. While their packaging is somewhat rudimentary, I do applaud them for taking packaging guidelines into their own hands, as California has not yet implemented those regulations. In order for a company to continue operating in California in the coming years, it will be important to anticipate future needs – much like SoKind has.

Additionally, I really appreciated the informational insert included with the edibles. At this point, almost all edible companies are including some sort of informational guide with their products. In theory, these are great for consumers; however, many of them use cannabis jargon a novice user may not understand. Not SoKind! SoKind cleverly describes all pertinent information, warnings, ingredients, etc. in a way that anyone can understand. It is educational and witty – great job SoKind!

SoKind’s award winning cookies are truly a tantalizing treat. The frosted designs range from psychedelic swirls to colorful pot leaves to aliens and more. I tried a 200mg Rastafarian themed cookie. At first, I was not sure what to expect seeing as I couldn’t tell what kind of cookie it was. Once I took the first bite it was extremely evident it was a chocolate chip cookie. As I continued eating, I was surprised to not really taste the weed, instead it actually tasted citrusy. I was also pleasantly surprised to find that the frosting was not overly sugary and the cookie itself was soft.

The brownie bites are a bit more traditional and elegant. Some have swirls or designs, but I believe the prettiest version are the pastel colored brownies with a white drizzle (depicted above). They are pretty enough to be featured on any high-end bakery’s shelf. The brownie bites come in 3 packs totaling to 200mg between them. The flavor profiles were well balanced, but I found them to be a bit too dry for my taste and the cannabis taste was far more prevalent than the cookies.

All in all, I enjoyed these products. SoKind, keep the colorful edibles coming! Check out some of SoKind’s trippy treats on Instagram: @sokindcookies


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