Budease Concentrate Tincture 201mg THC

Budease Multi-Use Tincture - Edibles Magazine - Cannabis Infused Product Review Feature - MCT OIL FREE TINCTURE

I couldn’t have received this tincture at a more perfect time.  I was about to go on a road trip with my wife to Mendocino from Los Angeles. The bed-and-breakfast we had reservations for did not allow smoking whatsoever.  So I arrived with my trusty tincture. To be honest, I had no idea how this would work out. I generally smoke three or four times a day.


The first time there, I underestimated the potency and had two eye dropper fulls. Then I had to take a video conference call. Once it kicked in, I was feeling like everyone saw that I was high, and I couldn’t understand the barrage of words flying at me.  I somehow managed to get through that. I quickly learned that for me a proper dose was half of an eyedropper full. The only problem for me was that it takes a little longer to activate than if I were to smoke. So I learned to schedule my dosing throughout the day.


If you are a fan of olive oil, you should especially appreciate this product. You can use it on food and it works absolutely wonderfully.  It tastes like very fine olive oil. So, if you are looking for a versatile product that you can use in place of smoking, I can attest to the efficacy of this tincture.  I will definitely keep it in my grab bag for those occasions where I don’t have other options of dosing myself.

Richard Bell

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